Collagen Stimulating Serum

Anti-aging booster with hyaluronic acid.

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The hyaluronic acid provides deep skin hydration, contributing to diminishing lines. Biotechnologically modified form of folic acid increases the rejuvenating effect reducing wrinkles and protecting the skin from environmental stress factors. Rich in polysaccharides, the extracts of fucus and kelp have soothing and antioxidant action. Regular use of the booster makes the skin smooth and radiant!

Product form/Packaging: 40 ml tube.

Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Folic acid, Seaweed extracts.

How to use: Apply a small amount on cleansed skin of the face, neck, eyelids or the back of the hands. Use in the morning and/or in the evening

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  1. Habiba

    I used InnoGialuron Serum since 2 years , still using it and can’t stop using it

  2. Sara

    after seeing the advertisement I bought Inno for my Mother , I was not sure that she will benefit from it , but after using my mother started to recommend this Serum to her friends as she is very satisfied.

  3. Rabeaa

    in the beginning I didn’t notice any difference, but with continuing to use it daily I Get a soft skin full of life.

  4. AbdelRahman

    Great experience and sure I will repeat it

  5. Fakhri

    I am 70 years old , I didn’t expected such wonderful results, Thanks

  6. Saadia

    InnoGialuron is the best Serum I used it and get good results, Thanks for the followup from the company and helping to use it efficiently

  7. Salwa

    Im 35 years old, I used this Serum from 1 year approximately , although there is a problem in my skin , Burn effects from 10 years , I used 3 boxes as advised and get rid of my daily nightmare

  8. Om Mohammad

    I used the Serum although my daughters were not convinced to buy not used product before , specially to buy thru the net, but thanks GOD my feelings were right

  9. Om Shadi

    my daughter bought it for me and convinced me to use it , now I told all my relatives and friends to use it.

  10. Hiba

    I was planning to make Botox and last moment I saw the advertisement and Bought InnoGialuron. Thanks GOD that I didn’t make Botox, it is really wonderful.

  11. Talal

    This is good product

  12. Sara

    I love Innogialuron, it helped me reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation👍

  13. Sami

    The product is very suitable for me to solve the problem of wrinkles

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