Black Latte

Dry Drink for Weight Loss

Black Latte is an instant drink which helps you lose weight over a cup of coffee.

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The mix of active ingredients such as L-carnitine, Activated Charcoal and Chromium Picolinate has a positive three-stage impact on your body. L-carnitine promotes the breakdown of fats and helps prevent body fat deposition. Biological additive Chromium Picolinate contributes actively to fats and carbohydrates metabolism increasing the metabolic rate. Activated Charcoal provides the overall cleansing of the body and eliminates toxins. Regular use of Black Latte helps increase efficiency and gives you a boost of energy for a whole day, and a pleasant aroma of your favorite latte will allow you to lose weight with taste!

Product form/Packaging: Powder in sachet package/100 g.

Active ingredients: L-carnitine, Activated Charcoal, Chromium Picolinate.

How to use: 2 teaspoons (14 g) diluted in a glass (200 ml) of hot water. Stir until completely dissolved. Adults take 1 time per day regardless of meals.

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  1. Mutaz

    I suffered a lot from Fat my weight was (130) kgm, I saw the advertisement of Black Latte on the net and liked to test it, they explained to me about the product and asked me about my health if had health problems ,they adviced me how many boxes should I use and Thanks GOD I lost (2) kgm first week and at the end of month I lost (10) kgm

  2. Mohamad

    Wonderful product, I used it and didn’t believe that easily I lost weight, I didn’t feel hungry any more and have big energy , still using Black Latte

  3. Yasmin

    I will not say its magic but really this is like magic, I tried many Diet systems , suffering from tired and deprivation of eating what I like, But with using Black Latte no such issues , no feeling tired and can eat what I Like.

  4. Huda

    Thanks for this perfect product , not only I lost weight but also the cholesterol level is decreased as I always suffered from this , now I tested my Cholesterol level and its normal

  5. AbdelRahim

    I always go to the Gym because Im always overweighed, usually follow up different Diet programs, my appetite is open , I get tired at Gym and when returned to home I ate a lot. So didn’t benefit from the Gym, I saw Black Latte advertisement and liked to try it, now I don’t feel hungry and Im full of energy.

  6. Walid

    I am Walid, a teacher. Due to my job nature, I do not move much. My weight reached (110) kilograms. I tried several ways to lose weight without any benefit until I found the black Latte product. It showed its effect after the first week, as I lost (2) kilograms at the end of the second week with no effort.

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